Ratings across Canada Nov. 15-21

Big Bangs, Dancers, Amazing Racers, Blades and CFL brawn were the big scorers this third week of November. Below are the overnight, 2+ estimates across Canada for the week of Nov. 15-21:

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: You betcha
As Dancing with the Stars nears the end (the winner will be declared tonight on CTV and ABC, and all hell will break loose if it is that Palin kid), the series has spiked past House in Canada. It drew 2,321,000 last Monday night, slightly ahead of the good doctor on Global (2,223,000).
CTV had to switch things up and steal Mike & Molly from /A to follow a 90-minute dance, with the rookie sitcom drawing a hefty 1,582,000. Castle stormed to just under 1.7 million on CTV at 10.
Global stayed close Monday with Lie to Me (1,331,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (just under 1.5 million overnight, estimated viewers).

CBC’s Battle of the Blades topped 1.2 million for its second last results show. Men with Brooms, which spiked last week thanks to an appearance from Paul Gross, curled back down below 300,000. Just Four Laughs did 418,000.


Gwenyth Paltrow helped goose Glee to the top of the Tuesday ratings in Canada, with close to 2.3 million viewers. Carol Burnett guests tonight as Sue Sylvester’s mom!
Second on the night was CTV’s Dancing with the Stars results, waltzing off with over 2 million viewers. Global enjoyed a boost from stealth hit NCIS: Los Angeles, in a 1.87 million viewers.
Global’s The Good Wife (1,479,000) beat out timeslot rival L&O: SVU (1,337,000) as well as CTV’s 8 p.m. hit No Ordinary Family (1,368,000).
CBC’s Rick Mercer Report zip lined to 1,079,000 viewers, with 22 Minutes (683,000) and The Tudors (772,000) both scoring slightly above average.

CTV’s Criminal Minds stole the night with 2,535,000 viewers. That topped a Survivor: Nicaragua at a steady 2,356,000. CBC opened big with Dragon’s Den, gaining 1,776,000 viewers.
CTV’s Law & Order: LA was next with 1,669,000 viewers, followed by The Defenders at 8 p.m. with 1,257,000.
NCIS used to be such a powerhouse for Global but it is languishing out of simulcast, drawing 842,000 Wednesday. That was behind Citytv’s take from Modern Family (864,000). TSN scored close to 800,000 viewers for a Canucks/Penguins game. Cougar Town on City did 686,000.
The big Dragon take boosted Being Erica close to the Brampton barrier with 445,000 viewers. Shattered broke through to 352,000.
Another massive night for CTV, with The Big Bang Theory topping all shows in Canada with 3.25 million viewers. Next was The Mentalist with 2.656,000 followed by Grey’s Anatomy with 2.6 million. S#*! My Dad Says drew under 2.2 million.CSI at 7 p.m. did 1.7 million.
Global’s best show Thursday once again was Bones at 1,713,000. The Office and Outsourced both slipped below 500,000 with The Apprentice drawing a steady 653,000.
Citytv’s best show Thursday was Fringe at 519,000. CBC found 518,000 with a Doc Zone “Digital Dummies” take and another 442,000 took in The Nature of Things.
The show you’re not watching but should, Community, managed 253,000 Thursday on City opposite Big Bang.
Hey, look at Ron James, drawing a robust 766,000 with no help from CBC publicity (although the Jeopardy! teen tourney lead in of 1.27 million didn’t hurt). That was not far off CTV’s 8 p.m. import Medium (927,000), which won’t be back for another season according to reports.
CTV scored better at 9 and 10 with CBS crime hits CSI: NY (1,757,000) and Blue Bloods (1,608,000). The fifth estate drew close to 600,000. Global also airs shows Friday nights.
Hockey Night in Canada is having one of its biggest seasons in years, drawing over 2.5 million for the second week in a row for Game One of the double header. The Montreal-Toronto original six tilt featured a moving tribute to future Hall of Famer Pat Burns. Game Two did 1,161,000.
SNL did 439,000 at 11:30 on Global, which is down to airing poker shows on Saturday nights.
Another win for The Amazing Race, which clocked in at 2,632,000 CTV viewers. CTV re-jiggled their Sunday sked, slotting Undercover Boss in as a simulcast for a week in the Desperate Housewives slot, good for 1.9 million viewers. Human Target came out of nowhere to land on CTV at 7 where over a million viewers found it.CSI: Miami did 1,634,000 at 10.
TSN scored another Sunday touchdown with their CFL coverage. The Saskatchewan/Calgary Western final was the second most-watched show of the day, scoring 2,322,000 viewers. The earlier, lop-sided, Argo/Alouettes Eastern final gained 1,184,000. TSN’s late NFL game, featuring the Giants and Philly, drew 564,000 four downs football fans.
All that CFL action may have stolen a few viewers away from Battle of the Blades. It still managed 1.5 million for the final competitive skate of its second season. Heartland galloped off with close to a million.Toy Story did close to 900,000 as the Sunday Disney movie. All For One managed 633,000.
Global got their usual 1,143,000 Simpsons fans and close to a mil for Family Guy and much less for their other Sunday ‘toons. The 10 p.m. plug in NCIS:LA fell to under a half mil.
The re-jigging was because ABC had the American Music Awards, which drew 720,000 in Canada on /A. The Last day of the Dinosaurs roared off with 685,000 on Discovery. A busy, busy night.

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