This Week’s Podcast: Blades’ smashing finale

In case you missed Monday night’s Battle of the Blades finale, as CHML’s Scott Thompson did, here’s the end credit clip showing winning Russian pair Valerie Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva bobbling the crystal trophy. Ker-smash!
On Sunday night’s show, co-host Kurt Browning accidentally kicked in a camera, so Battle of the Blades is ending just in time before somebody got killed. I suggest to Scott that the new trophy be made out of old hockey sticks or left over pieces of that camera, something solid, anyway.
There’s also a little post mortem on the Dancing with the Stars finale, which drew over 2.7 million viewers Tuesday night on CTV. That was good, because it took viewers away from the worst Glee episode ever. Sue Sylvester marries herself? Really? Her mom is a Nazi hunter played by Carol Burnett?? The good news is Figgins is coming back.

We also talk a bit about when the annual Christmas specials are set to start. The answer is tonight, with NBC going with a Kung Fu Panda holiday special as well as a repeat of last year’s holiday kiddie show-slash-xmas infomercial, Merry Madagascar. Really? The day before U.S. Thanksgiving?? Tune in instead to a special Thanksgiving-themed episode of Cougar Town (ABC/Citytv, 9:30 p..m) and thank me later.
There’s also something cool on over at PBS (even those dummies at Buffalo’s WNED are carrying it): The President’s Photographer: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office looks at the shooters who got closest to the various presidents, from Kennedy to Obama. It airs at 8 p.m. ET. See Nixon grouch on his camera guy and Obama give plenty of access to Pete Souza, the current lens pointer.
That’s not part of this week’s radio chat but it should have been! You can listen in here.

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