This Week’s Podcast: bye-bye world tour B list

Scott Thompson at Hamilton Talk Radio CHML has many questions this week about my October travels to the four “B” letter culture capitols of the world–Burbank, Buenos Aires, Budapest and, of course, Brampton. All together I traveled 24,354 miles or 39,190 kms in October–not counting runs to Etobicoke.
Scott seemed concerned about jet lag. His first clue was that I was posting photos of mannequins on TVFMF. The fact is I’ve simply never seen so many pissed off mannequins as I saw in Hungary.
The Borgias’ battlefield
We get to the real reason for my travels to Europe, the visit to the set of The Borgias, a big budget, historic drama along the lines of The Tudors coming next spring to CTV and Showtime. The scenery was spectacular, both in Budapest and on the rural hillside about 40 miles outside of town where a battle scene was being filmed last week.

Scott also asks about the release this week of The Larry Sanders Show: The Complete Series in a 17-disc boxed set from Shout Factory. It’s not like I had forgotten how good this series was–it has always been one of my all-time TV favourites–but boy does it hold up. Garry Shandling looks even more like a genius a dozen years since this show went off the air. Absolutely recommended.
We also talk a bit about the whole Colbert/Stewart pre-election rally deals in the States last week, although, to be honest, I was out of town and this thing was completely ignored in Europe. You can listen in to the entire podcast here.

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