CTV scored a touchdown with Sunday`s Super Bowl XLV, scoring an overnight, estimated audience of 6,537,000 viewers. That`s up from last year`s record overnight tally of 6,025,000, also on CTV.
The pre-and post- Super Bowl spots were also huge for CTV, with 4,377,000 and 4,517,000 tuning in to each (although the post show trophy presentation, which CTV barely showed, was a mere 11 minutes).
Viewers hammered by all those promos on the originating Fox feed (or just alerted by stories like this) migrated over to Global at 10:38 ET, with the extended episode of Glee dancing off with 2,161,000 viewers in Canada. That easily bested the mid-season finale of Flashpoint, which CTV flashed to at 10:19 p.m. ET in Toronto to try and get the jump on Glee. It didn`t work; Flashpoint drew 1,317,000 across Canada, less than it normally nets on a weeknight.
Stateside, the overnight Super Bowl tally topped 111 million viewers, topping last year`s record 106 million-plus. Glee danced off with 26.8 million Sunday night on Fox, a series high in the U.S. as one would expect.

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