Seeing Laurel & Hardy in a new light

Laurel & Hardy fans have been waiting years for the comedy team’s films to be released on home DVD. Film archivists at UCLA are working toward making that dream a reality.The university, which has the boys’ original Hal Roach film negatives and other source materials in their archives, is behind a drive to restore the prints with a… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: stalking Katie Holmes

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted the scoop on my recent trip to Hollywood. I was there earlier this week to work the red carpet premiere of The Kennedys (bowing Sunday April 3 on Reelzchannel in the States and Sunday April 10 at 9 p.m. on History Television). I’m not a red carpet guy, it’s an elbows up… Read on

Ratings across Canada March 21 to 27

Just back off the road this week so bit late on the numbers but here’s what we’ve got: Dancing with the Stars has waltzed back into the picture with a strong opener, bested only by the usual high note from American Idol. Celebrating 40 years, The Juno Awards had its strongest outing ever Sunday backed by… Read on

Roger out: Air Farce tribute done at jet speed

Hats off to the editors, producers and friends at Air Farce for turning that Tuesday night Roger Abbott tribute around on a dime. Founding Farcer Abbott, 64, died Saturday night after a private, 14-year battle with leukemia. CBC quickly responded with a tribute timeslot, but the original plan to re-air the most recent New Years’ Eve special didn’t have… Read on

The Kennedys in LA: red carpet premiere

Reporter meets Marilyn (Charlotte Sullivan) BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Camelot returned to Los Angeles Monday night.The Kennedys, the eight-hour, shot-in-Toronto miniseries, had its red carpet premiere at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences theatre. Most of the cast made the event, including Greg Kinnear, who plays president John F. Kennedy, Katie Holmes, who plays Jackie Kennedy and Barry… Read on

I alway wanted to be Roger Abbott

Below is a tribute to the late, great Roger Abbott I wrote Monday for The Canadian Press: I always wanted to be Roger Abbott.The man had the best job in the world, the guiding hand (together with Don Ferguson) behind the Royal Canadian Air Farce. He was a major reason why that comedy troupe got Canadians… Read on

Roger Abbott: 1946 – 2011

I was on an Air Canada flight bound for Los Angeles Sunday morning and unaware until I landed of “the saddest news” being sent via email from Don Ferguson. Roger Abbott was dead. Roger’s passing hit me a lot harder than any other obit I’ve ever reported. I had the great good fortune to get… Read on

Sunday premiere: Kate Winslet’s Mildred Pierce

Kate Winslet Remakes of classic films are risky things. No one ever really wants to see a remake of The Wizard of Oz, although several have been attempted. The Wiz (1978) and Disney’s Return to Oz (1985) were more re-imagined than remade. At least six more are in development, including John Boorman’s CGI project The Wonderful Wizard… Read on