The Royal Wedding: Wills & Kate Plus 8 (hours)

Here’s my blow-by-blow take on The Royal Wedding as it appears online at The Toronto Star. The Star has a lavish, photo-packed Royal Wedding section Saturday, a great souvenir for fans of the royal family. I set my royal alarm clock for 3:30 a.m. to check in on the coverage Friday morning but some networks,… Read on

Catching up with Kevin Newman

Had lunch two weeks ago in Toronto with Kevin Newman, the Global National News anchor who walked away from his job last summer. I’ve always respected Newman’s integrity and judgement as a newsman. He takes his responsibility seriously and clings to a standard that is uncompromising. He struck me that way when he was the… Read on

This week’s podcast: a royal pain

I’ve been saying all along that you’d have to pay me to get up in the middle of the night and watch the bloody royal wedding. Well, somebody is doing just that.The Toronto Star has asked me to “overnight” this William and Kate thing. The story will run in the Saturday Star.I have a royal hissy fit… Read on

Late Night joke of the week

…goes to Jay Leno for this quip from Wednesday’s Tonight Show: “The man who invented the teleprompter has died at the age of 91. When President Obama heard the news, he was speechless.” Hubert “Hub” Schlafly, also a satellite transmission pioneer, did indeed pass away April 20. He co-invented the scrolling text device in the late ’40s according… Read on

Say “Goodbye, Michael” tonight on The Office

Tonight at 9 p.m. on The Office (NBC and Global), Michael Scott makes his final, awkward goodbye.A year ago, Steve Carell announced he was walking away from this gig as his seven year contract expires. There’s a ton of speculation as to who will replace him as the new district manager at the Scranton, Ohio,… Read on

Sun goes up, Sun goes down

Hard to imagine a new network getting more pre-launch publicity than Sun News Network. The so-called “Fox News North” generated plenty of press in the months leading up to its April 18 start. Not just in the main stream press, or across Sun News owner Quebecor’s Sun Media chain, but the launch got plenty of… Read on

Take me to your ratings leaders

Doctor Who takes Space to a scary high Looking for numbers? The latest weekly look at the complete primetime picture can be found over at’s “Remote Control” section, jump to it here. Among the leaders across Canada the week of April 18 to 24 are two Stanley Cup round one playoff games involving the victorious Canucks (whew!)… Read on

Do not adjust your set

The Easter weekend plus a flurry of print assignments has derailed the TVFMF machine the past several days. As Regis Philbin says, “I’m only one man!” Another busy week ahead, but postings will resume today. Thanks for you patience and for checking back.