Borgias, Wipeout both make splash

The Borgias won the Canadian specialty ratings Holy War Sunday night. The Canadian/American/Hungarian drama drew 575,000 overnight, estimated viewers to Bravo! for its 10 p.m. premiere. That was the largest audience for a TV series on Bravo! since 2004. U.S. broadcaster Showtime also had their prayers answered by the Jeremy Irons-led papal saga. The Borgias scored a total of 1.5 million viewers on Showtime Sunday night, their largest series opener in seven years.
Wipeout Canada also made a splash on TVTropolis Sunday night, scoring 510,000 viewers. The two half million-plus specialty audiences is further proof that–whatdayaknow?–Canadians will watch Canadian-produced television, especially if there’s a chance somebody might get baptised.

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