She’s best known as Jack Bauer’s danger girl daughter on 24, or as a Maxim pinup girl, or as Leaf captain Dion Phaneuf’s main squeeze. But I still think of Elisha Cuthbert as the young teen from Popular Mechanics for Kids.
She was headlining that cool little ‘tween magazine show along with some kid named Jay Baruchell when I first interviewed her in Toronto 14 years ago–or, in her terms, half a lifetime ago.
Tonight she stars in Happy Endings, the best of the rom-coms that have been comin’ ‘atcha all winter and spring. It premieres at 9:30 p.m. ET on Citytv and ABC.
A lot of critics are calling it a Friends ripoff. It reminds me more of How I Met Your Mother, but I find it edgier than either of those shows. The dialogue is pretty damn snappy tonight, you`ll want to PVR it to keep up with some of the twentysomething put downs.
I wrote more about Cuthbert and her Happy Endings in a story for The Canadian Press. You can read the full story here.

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