Sun News opening night: hard numbers

The Sun News Network wasted no time getting into the thick of the Canadian TV all-news channel race. The fledgling service launched to 37,000 overnight, estimated 2+ viewers Monday at 4:30. The first edition of Ezra Levant`s The Source dipped to 31,000 at 5ET, finished last in the news channel race opposite CBC News Network (97,000 at 5, 109,000 at 5:30), CNN (53,000/67,000)and CTV News Channel (35,000/44,000). Still, not bad for an opening night on an uneven playing field, with Sun News–available free to Shaw and Videotron subscribers for six months–still not available on Rogers (although seen throughout the GTA on Sun TV).

David Akin was Sun News‘ biggest draw in primetime with 51,000 viewers opposite CBCNN at 7 (97,000) and 7:30 (109,000). Brian Lilley (17,000) draws the toughest Sun News timeslot opposite the 9 p.m. edition of The National on CBCNN (176,000).
That hockey game on hated CBC Monday night? Drew over 2.3 million viewers. Icing!

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  1. Not exactly all that great but it never was all that popular since it came along as the 7th domestic ota channel in the Toronto area. I loved it when CKXT was Toronto 1 and SunTV (the early years) because the station brought me the final season of Charmed and seasons 2 & 3 of Veronica Mars. I moved out west & missed it. I heard it went to HD & missed it more. Now it becomes a right-wing news channel i don’t care to watch and suddenly it is available from my cable company. I might tune in for the entertainment value it offers.

  2. Sun news – interesting, uneven, a bit hysterical. There is no stories about kittens playing piano or a single mention of Justin Bieber – what a shame 🙂

  3. I’m curious to know if those numbers have held, or if they were boosted by premiere night publicity?


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