This week’s podcast: debating the debates

The federal leaders election debate got debated with Scott Thompson on this week’s CHML radio podcast. Tuesdays english language debate drew a robust viewing audience: CTV 1,371,000, CBC 1,142,000, Global 597,000. Just 72,000 watched on TVO, moderator Steve Paikin’s home base.
Strong numbers, but you know, almost as many people watched the premiere of Canadian Pickers on History Television Tuesday night (591,000) as watched the leaders debate the same night on Global. Make your own joke about picking through trash in search of substance here.
I watched some of the french language debate Wednesday and found it amusing that the voices of the translators somewhat matched the sound of the candidate’s voices. As was observed on Twitter, Harper maintained that steady HAL 9000 drone; Iggy sounded Harvard haughty. Thought it was interesting Ignatieff addressed the camera rather than the candidate Wednesday night, a note he should have heeded more 24 hours earlier.
The set still looked like something Phil Donahue had rejected in the mid-’70s.
I suggest to Scott that Elizabeth May was not missed at these debates and recall with horror the year they made them all sit around a table like it was a really lame version of TV poker.
You can listen in here.

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