This week’s podcast: more Sun spots

Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML hadn’t seen it yet, but he wanted to talk about the new Sun News Network. I think one of the mistakes they made opening night was not delivering a big name guest. Brian Mulroney is Chairman of Sun Media and would have been a prize “get.” Brian Lilley spent a great deal of time goofing on “Mulroney the Opera” and it would have been fun to hear the ex-PM weigh in on that. Even more interesting would be to hear him dance around Harper. Word is Mulroney’s not a fan. Twenty minutes of Mulroney opposite Akin or Adler would have helped viewers take this deal more seriously as a news op and not dismiss it–as Adler referenced on his radio show Wednesday–as “Skank TV.”

In the absence of big name guests, Sun News personalities seemed to interview each other opening night (see photo, right), which was lazy at best. Maybe the big guns are a comin’, it is only Day Three.
Scott also asks about the Stanley Cup playoff ratings. They’re good but not spectacular so far, with Canucks and Canadiens pushing toward the 3 million mark. Games involving Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose, Nashville and other U.S. markets are pulling about what a regular season game would draw on TSN. If The Leafs could ever make the playoffs, Stanley Cup ratings would triple. Fans and broadcasters can dream.
You can listen in here.

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