This week’s podcast: replace Couric with Sheen

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson seemed concerned that Katie Couric is leaving CBS News. Reports this week confirm that, after five years as anchor of The CBS Evening News, Couric is ready to try something else, perhaps a talk show. She will stick around long enough to cover the royal wedding.
Who can replace Katie, Scott asks. My suggestion: Charlie Sheen.
Hey, more people get their news today from Charlie Sheen than any other news source. Well, not quite, but maybe soon. Plus, does Katie have Tiger blood? Is she a Vatican assassin? I don’t think so.

Fact is, NOBODY in Canada watches the CBS Evening News. I’m betting most Canadians reading this now could not name the current ABC World News anchor. In Toronto, on an average night, two thousand people might check Couric out on the local Buffalo CBS affiliate. There are more people at any given moment in Canada at your local mall.
CBC could simply rerun old newscasts of Walter Cronkite. The mainly older crowd that still watches nightly network newscasts would feel better about themselves and their country. The network would rake in the same revenues from pharmaceutical companies that use the newscasts to push boner pills and adult diapers. Adding Sheen would probably bring more med ads for bipolar diseases and rehab sites as well as lower the demo.
As for the news, you get it here, on this mobile devise, iPad or laptop, every time you connect with your browser. That’s where you first heard Couric was bolting CBS News–not on CBS News.
Scott also asks about the launch of Wipeout Canada on TVTropolis, those relentless election attack ads and stations pulling episodes of The Simpsons. You can listen in here.

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  1. Thalia Assuras. Greatest female new anchor I’ve ever seen. Been left to nothing but graveyard shiftwork with CBS for 12 years until her contract was dropped two summers ago. Just turned 60 and too old, unlike Lloyd and Peter.


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