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If you’ve come here looking for the weekly Canadian TV ratings, follow me here to The folks at The Toronto Star have teamed up with in an expanded content sharing deal, and I’ve been invited to join the team providing TV coverage every week. You’ll still find out how The Big Bang Theory (over 3.2 million viewers again to top the weekly list), Dancing with The Stars (2.6 mil+ Mon.), American Idol (2.5+ Wed.) and all the other top shows fared, as well as how Canadian-produced efforts such as The Listener (nearly a million Friday!) and Republic of Doyle (1,033,000 for the season finale) did.
I’ll provide a short summary and a link here each week and continue to blog and podcast and review and all the other nonsense that goes on here at TV Feeds My Family. Think of it as the same great weekly report but with fewer spelling mistakes.
I’m excited about the new arrangement for several reasons. One, it will get the weekly insider look at the Canadian ratings race out to a wider audience, and puts me in the company of a team of Toronto Star television experts. Most important for the “feeds my family” part, it monetizes the weekly effort of compiling and analysing the complex Canadian ratings picture. So take heart bloggers–there are revenue streams beyond Google ads. And to think it only took 1500 TV Feeds My Family posts to get to this point.

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  1. It was an “other nonsense” item, I wanted to ask, aboat, last week.
    Was Smallville’s re-airing of its 10 seasons’ old premiere episode (CW & CHCH) – the oldest episode to ever be broadcast by a network in primetime? Excluding regular syndication runs.
    Congrats on your news.

  2. Congratulations Bill on your gig!

    Is there any chance you could report the ratings of that little Canadian show that could, Sanctuary? It begins the second half of it’s 3rd season on Space on Friday and I know it’s ratings are only small compared to others but it is a great Canadian show that continues to beat the odds, breaks new ground but gets little coverage. It’s Space’s #1 original show.

  3. Not sure about the Smallville episode CQ but I can try and source it at CW. Seems to me NBC re-ran the ER pilot in its final season, and I think that ran 13 or 14 years.
    And I’ll make a note to start tracking Sanctuary, RealmOfX, starting with the next column which should go up late Tuesday night.

  4. The link worked for me yesterday (when I congratulated you but forgot to link from TV, eh?) but not today – it’s a blank page. Is it just me? Can’t find the article even by browsing or searching.


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