Warning! do not look directly at the Sun

The countdown clock is ticking! Just 1:21:37 to go before SUN News hits the air according to the giant digital countdown clock they’ve had up over at the old SUN TV station all day. They’ve also got some generic, swelling, David Foster-y Muzak blaring while the clock ticks down to lift off. I’ve been taking chemical baths, colonics, doing bending exercises, gargling, all in an effort to best withstand and review the enterprise. You can feel the excitement.
I filed a perspective piece setting it all up yesterday for The Canadian Press. SUN News “personality” David Akin read it and went all Woodward and Bernstein on my ass, tweeting, “CP piece from Brioux was weakest on launch of Sun News – unsubstantiated opinion masquerading as news.”
Hey, don’t blame me David–I was trained in this racket at The Toronto Sun!! Still, Akin’s entitled to his opinion, or his news take, or…geez, I wonder if the line will get any blurrier once SUN News hits the air?
In any event, SUN News is shaping up to be the great Canadian hockey fight of on-air journalism. Just folks pulling sweaters over heads and flailing away. And it all starts at 4:30 p.m. ET. Helmets on, Canada!

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