CTV got more Bang for its buck

UPDATED BELOW. CTV announced today that they’ve won another season, their 10th in a row, in both total audience and the 25-54-year-old demo. That’s extraordinary–unprecedented across North America, except perhaps CBC’s monopoly in the ’50s and big head start throughout the ’60s. In the fiercely competitive TV business of today, CTV’s dominance is staggering.Still, they… Read on

Bunnies energize Rogers/City upfront

Made the scene at the Rogers TV Sales 2011 Fall Launch Monday in Toronto, the first of this week’s three network upfronts. Was there for hours, at the press sessions, the presentation at the Canon Theatre and the after party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Stood around and waited and waited but still nobody at Rogers… Read on

Business as usual for big spending Canadian nets

ABC’s Pan Am: cleared for landing at CTV next fall Variety and the Hollywood Reporter have already spilled some details as to who bought what in the annual Can-Am cash for content exchange. This year, Canadian show buyers from Bell/CTV, Shaw/Global, Rogers/City and others agreed to play nice and actually wait until they screened everything before bidding… Read on

Idols Scotty and Oprah score big wins for CTV

New American Idol winner Scotty McCreery Oprah Winfrey’s grand finale drew an overnight, estimated 1.6 million viewers to CTV Wednesday in Canada, a record for the series according to the network. The daytime talk show drew two and a half times its season average Wednesday and was the second highest non-sports draw night or day on any network… Read on

Oprahpalooza: it all ends Wednesday

Is Oprah getting a ratings boost as her daytime talk show heads into Wednesday’s finale? It is in the States where Monday’s arena love-in drew the second-largest viewing audience of the season (beaten only by the show where she revealed that she had a secret half sister). In Canada on CTV Oprah’s ratings were up… Read on

Late night joke of the week

…from Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting his career on hold. Either that or he’s putting Korea on hold. It’s hard to understand him.

This week’s podcast: Oprah, Hart & other exits

Dropped by the CHML nerve centre this week to chat in studio with Scott Thompson. We yakked about Oprah and how Lady Gaga topped her on that annual Forbes list.Oprah’s not the only big name leaving the TV scene. Mary Hart has been flashing her million-dollar legs on Entertainment Tonight for more than a quarter… Read on

Upfronts 2011-12: CBS’s Two and a Half Moves

CBS Men Cryer, Jones and Kutcher: Winning? Aside from the showy move of parachuting Ashton Kutcher into Two and a Half Men, CBS seemed to play it safe Wednesday, announcing a fairly stand pat schedule. Only five fall shows were added to America’s most-watched schedule, and none seemed to reach past the tried and true CBS formula: procedural… Read on