Canada is more into S#*!, or at least S#*! My Dad Says.
The William Shatner comedy has struggled on CBS and is one of those “bubble shows” that may not be back next season. Yet in Canada on CTV, it soared prospering behind the No. 1 TV show in the nation, The Big Bang Theory. CTV gets a bigger bang out of Big Bang, and also scores with S#*!
The bad news for CTV is that despite their very successful marketing and scheduling, several of their well-placed imports may not be back next season. The U.S. networks will announce their fall schedules at their annual upfronts in New York next week and there’s a good chance S#*! My Dad Says and The Defenders won’t be among the shows renewed for next season. Another series that did very well on CTV on Fridays this season–Blue Bloods–may also be in jeopardy.
Here’s a link to a story I wrote last week for The Canadian Press running down a full list of bubble shows, including perennial maybe Chuck. There’s also some speculation as to what new shows might get picked up for fall, including pilots starring Kiefer Sutherland, Debra Messing, Tim Allen and Minnie Driver.

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  1. Any info on Detroit 1-8-7? This was the only “new” US show I watched all season.

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