Upfronts 2011-12: The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and Grimm add drama to NBC

NBC UPFRONT PART TWO: Still smarting from that whole Leno at 10 fiasco, NBC has plenty of problems with the back end of its schedule. New dramas Chase and The Event were rejected last season. Friday Night Lights is no more. The whole Law & Order franchise seems to be on its last legs.Among the new hopefuls announced Sunday is Prime Suspect, a reversioning of the long-running British hit. Maria Bello steps into the Helen Mirren role. “It’s about characters. It’s about life,” says Bello:

Let’s hope this is better than the Yankee version of Cracker tried several years ago.
Mondays at 10, NBC is adding a little sex with The Playboy Club, a drama about the roots of the famous key clubs which originated in Chicago in the ’60s. Here’s Hef, still in his jammies, with an overview:

David Krumholtz (Numb3rs) plays the club manager; Eddie Cibrian (CSI: Miami) plays a Chicago lawyer with a thing for the bunnies. NBC is clearly trying to tap into that Rat Pack, Mad Men vibe.
Feeling that there just aren’t enough trolls on TV? Even with the addition of Sun News? Well, happy days. NBC has Grimm, a creepy new supernatural series starring David Guintoli as a homicide detective who has some friends who are just animals:

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