UPDATED WITH FIXED LINK: CHML’s Scott Thompson sensed I was a little off my game on the radio today. I blame those tasty mini grilled cheese sandwiches offered at today’s CBC press launch. It was the fourth and final network bash in a little over a week and all that finger food has left me punchier than usual. Good thing CBC kept the booze locked away in the cabinet.
Also talked to Scott about “Kandahar on Kipling,” the astounding soundstage and backlot set up for the new Global/ABC series Combat Hospital (premiering June 21). Had a tour of the set Tuesday and it was an eye opener. Who knew there were all these stealth studios in darkest Etobicoke?

“Most rusted” meets “Most trusted”

Scott asked about Anderson Cooper, who I spoke with last week at the CTV upfront (his new afternoon series Anderson launches this fall on CTV). We also touched on Lloyd Robertson’s upcoming departure; the legendary newsman signs off Sept. 1. Kudos to Robertson, who has covered some big stories during his long career–the assassination of four presidents and several Pharaohs, the Protestant Reformation, continental drift, etc. Asked to single out the greatest innovation in news gathering during his career, Robertson said it was a tie between the invention of “the wheel” and “fire.”
Actually he said no such thing. Click here to listen to the podcast.


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