“Everybody’s striking what are we to do? Let’s just turn on the TV,” says CHML’s Scott Thompson. We talk up tonight’s seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals, which I predict will crack seven million viewers on CBC–a record.
It’s a different story in the States. Numbers for the games are down a bit on NBC in the U.S. compared with last year, where big market U.S. cities Chicago and Philadelphia took part.
We also talk Charlie Sheen (there are rumours he’s looking for a new sitcom), John Cryer musing Ashton Kutcher may not work next fall on Two and a Half Men (who cares, I say) and what to watch this summer (Combat Hospital and Rookie Blue are set to start next week on ABC/Global). We also talk a bit about the fall pilots I’ve screened so far. The dramas are retro and the comedies are shockingly vulgar. Blame Sheen! You can listen in here.

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