Hopping on the Huffington Post Canada express

Yesterday I was coming home from New York through the Toronto island airport when I hear my named called in the customs lineup. For once this was a good thing.
Turns out it was Brodie Fenlon, a former colleague at the Toronto Sun. In fact I think we were both shit canned downsized the same day.
Somebody at The Sun realized they’d just chopped the only guy under 30 in the place and they scrambled to keep him. Too late. The bright young lad went to the Globe & Mail.
Anyhoo, young Brodie is now a wheel at Huffington Post Canada. We get yakking and he’s telling me how this thing is just exploding. He had a hard time finding anyone in the New York office who had worked there longer than three months. People are coming in so fast that those with three weeks under their belts are training the new kids.
We keep talking and, long story short, my first story for HuffPost Canada went up today. Read it here or read it a few inches below this post, it is a pick up from this blog. Either way, nice to be able to salute Elwy twice.

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  1. Congratulations on the job but why o why the worst place possible. Getting fired by The Sun would be an honour badge but working at The Huffington Post is the worst place to go. The first time i saw THPca it was advocating for more and more and more reality tv and how Canada is so behind-the-times in not doing as much reality tv as is found on US channels. You and i have both enjoyed some of those shows that have come on Showcase in the last year. Now you are selling out to become another advocate of reality tv in Canada? Great you have a revenue source but anything would be more reputable than THPca.

    That one article was enough to turn me off the entire franchise. If that is what they consider journalism then you are too good for them. If that is what they consider an opinion piece then it makes the WSJ’s defence of News Corp out to be high class journalism.

    In case you missed the repulsive piece of trash you are not proud to be associated with here is the url


    Enjoy the money because your reputation has been sold. Feel free to not actually approve this comment as it is more directed to you rather than the article on your blog.

    I was really quite young in the 1980s but i remember watching the Saturday night films on TVO some times. I would have pointed out that his son created Boomtown. The first season was the most brilliant show on tv in years before or after it. Though NBC ruined the second season and tarnished the show as a whole. Now that i know he is involved with Falling Skies i think of how much he has fallen since his brilliance with Boomtown. But his father was brilliant and it is because of him that i find older films that rely on the story more appealing than a film with 40 million dollars of special effects that is expected to be the next blockbuster film from the old orange groves. Or in other words i dislike the son’s show Falling Skies because of the dis-appreciation for soulless hype that was instilled in me by the father. But i love the first season of Boomtown and Raines too even though i am not a Jeff G fan.


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