BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Roseanne always cuts straight to the point. Wednesday at press  tour, the comedienne crashed Lifetime’s cable network press session, cutting short an introduction by stepping through a curtain and seizing the podium. “What a privilege it is for you to have me here,” said Roseanne, who is the centre piece of the well-named Lifetime series Roseanne’s Nuts. The new reality series follows her around her actual macadamia nut ranch in Hawaii. Packets of the goobers were handed to press on the way out of the session. Roseanne’s Nuts, according to the introduction, is a hit, quadrupling ratings in its timeslot.
“It’s a blend of reality and reality television,” said Roseanne, who left the stage and walked straight out of the hotel.
And who could blame her? Lifetime registered a historic first at press tour: a cash bar. Reporters who were told to pay six bucks for a bottle or Perrier staggered out of the session, grasping for defibrillators.

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