So you’re asking yourself–what is the late Rodney Dangerfield doing in a shot with Yannick Bisson from Murdoch Mysteries? Well, hold onto your funding grants–that’s none other than our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, guest starring as Desk Sargent Armstrong in the July 20 episode “Confederate Treasure” (City, 8/9c).
It kinda looks to me like Harper and Bisson are going through the list of Canadian TV shows that deserve funding in the coming season but I’m throwing this one to the comment section. This things just screams “caption me.” Click the comment button below and send in your suggestions.
Did the results of the recent federal election cost Iggy a juicy guest starring role on Murdoch as an 1890s undertaker? Harper’s scenes were shot last October, months before the last election. Apparently he’s a fan of the series–either that or he thought it was about long time Ontario provincial Tory MPP Bill Murdoch.
Kudos to the producers of Murdoch Mysteries for getting in first (the series is cruising along at half-a-million viewers-plus per week in Season Four), but now that Mr. Harper has the acting bug, can a guest appearance on Little Mosque be next? Is there a cameo on Combat Hospital in his future?  
This isn’t Harper’s first TV series appearance. Many thought that was a marionette, but, back in the ’60s, he was one of the Tracey brothers in the original Thunderbirds.


  1. “Please, please don’t cut my fanding,” begged Fan, to no avail. He just wasn’t as conservative in power as those damned right-leaning candles.

  2. “See! Right here in the contract. No kitty-cat murders this week.”

    – Watch the show. Seriously, they went along this week, fantasic guest casting, pleasant story, and then a (2nd) camera dwell moment over a dead cat?? Kojak, Hawaii Five-0, Miami Vice, Magnum, Quincy, Columbo… instead this is nowaday’s standard mystery fare – grotesque camara leers.

    The shame of this week’s episode is after how absolutely terrific the special model scale walkabout was shot. But who’s gonna want to rewatch a dead cat ‘mystery cozy’?
    It is like they’re trying to lose their audience.

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