BEVERLY HILLS, CA.–And so it begins. The first bit of swag arrived at 8 a.m. this morning here at the Beverly Hilton–orange juice from Anderson Cooper. Another Television Critics Association press tour has commenced.
It was sent to the 100 or so TV critics, newspaper columnists and bloggers ensconced here for the next dozen days as a way to remind us that Mr. Cooper will be hosting a cocktail reception this afternoon to promote his new syndicated daytime talk show Anderson, coming to CTV in September.
Bravo Mr. Cooper–I’ll take orange juice over some of the other bizarre tchochkes we’ve received over the years any day.
I’ll be filing a daily TCA press tour column this week and next over at The first post, which basically sets up today’s festivities (including a visit to the animation studio where they make The Simpsons) can be read here.

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