TCA TV critics were treated to dinner Friday at Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood. Sundance Channel EVP and GM Sarah Barnett hosted the event. Instead of the usual menu of burgers and fries, Chef Ludovic Lefebre (Sundance’s Ludo Bites America) prepared a four course meal. It included a Red Beet Gazpacho, a Honey Grilled Summer Fig and a Marinated Hanger Steak smothered in shallots, kale and red chile kimchi butter. A Smoked Vanilla Bean Bacon Creme Brulee, topped with a lavender bloom, was offered for dessert.
Lefebvre has been called “a culinary rock star” and has the tatts to prove it. Preparing meals at random locations is his specialty. LudoBites, according to the New York Times, is “the most acclaimed rootless restaurant in Los Angeles.”
On the six episode series (which comes to Canada this fall), Sundance sends Lefebvre to various cities to pull his instant restaurant trick.

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