Weird or What: Shatner survives hockey riot

Just got off the phone with William Shatner. At 80, the Captain is as busy as ever despite the demise of his CBS sitcom S#*! My Dad Says. He has a book, a new CD (In Search of Major Tom–where he “sings,” among other things, Bohemian Rhapsody!?) and another season of Weird or What? coming out. (The return of Weird or What? was the reason for the phone interview. Season Two comes to History Television Sept. 12). He was also just back in his hometown of Montreal to pick up an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, McGill. Plus he bagged a lifetime achievement award from the governor general. And picked up some bagels on St. Urbain.
AND here’s something that won’t wait until I write about the return of Weird or What? in September–last month, he found himself smack dab in the middle of the Vancouver hockey riots. Shatner–as glimpsed on Hockey Night in Canada–was at Rogers Arena for Game Seven. “I was right in there,” he says. “Walked out of the auditorium and a loud explosion–my hotel was right there.”
Sounds like something right out of Weird or What?, I suggest.
“The whole game,” says Shatner, “was weird or what.”

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