Two and a Half Men returns Sept. 19

When does the new season start? It’s the question I hear the most as soon as September rolls around. A few shows, such as Suits, have already snuck onto specialty channels. Tonight marks the Showcase debut of Warehouse 13, a shot-in-Toronto fantasy drama that has been airing for a couple of years south of the border on SyFy. This 13th warehouse is where the Feds apparently stash all sorts of supernatural junk, Indiana Jones style. The season premiere of Ax Men chops its way back on the schedule tonight at 9 on History. Royal Pains, starring Brampton’s own Paulo Costanzo, is back and running Wednesdays at 10 on Showcase.
The Canadian and American broadcast network prime time premieres begin next week and then come flooding back the week after. All of the new and returning network show dates are listed here at TVFMF. Click on the “2011-12 Premier Dates” button above on the left right under the logo or click here to jump to what’s on when.

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