Lloyd farewell draws 2.1 million viewers

Over 2.1 million Canadians tuned in for Lloyd Robertson’s final newscast an anchor of CTV National News. According to the network, the overnight, estimated, BBM tally of 2,110,000 viewers Thursday was a CTV National News record excluding broadcasts during the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.The one hour documentary special which preceded the newscast–Lloyd Robertson: And That’s… Read on

CTV iron man Lloyd Robertson calls it a day

Just as my kids have never known life without The Simpsons, few Canadians have known life without Lloyd Robertson.Canada’s Most Trusted News anchor signs off for the last time tonight on the CTV National News. He’s been a TV newsman since before CTV was on the air, on televison since the mid-’50s.I had the pleasure… Read on

This week’s podcast: aerial warfare

On this week’s podcast with CHML’s Scott Thompson, we get into the dreaded DC–Digital Conversion. If you woke up this morning, turned on your set and got snow, you either forget to pay your cable bill or you are officially now an analog castaway. Canada has made the switch. A moment of silence, folks, for… Read on

Will the last Gemini winner please turn out the lights

Lord knows I’m not a fan of the Geminis. Too many awards over too many nights devalues the Canadian television industry salute. It seems you just have to be a Gemini–or a Pisces or an Aries or a Leo–to win a Gemini.Case in point: at Wednesday’s night two of three Gemini ticket sales opportunities, George… Read on

Get yer fall 2011 premiere dates here

Two and a Half Men returns Sept. 19 When does the new season start? It’s the question I hear the most as soon as September rolls around. A few shows, such as Suits, have already snuck onto specialty channels. Tonight marks the Showcase debut of Warehouse 13, a shot-in-Toronto fantasy drama that has been airing… Read on