Bazinga! As expected The Big Bang Theory came back big with overnight estimated Thursday night audiences of 3,718.000 and 4,053,000 on CTV. Grey’s Anatomy (2,313,000) was another big winner for the Canadian private broadcaster.
An out-of-simulcast pre-release of the new remake of Charlie’s Angels managed 955,000 at 7 p.m. on CTV.
Over at sister station CTV Two, the second outing of The X Factor managed 1,320,000 about what a relocated American Idol did on /A last season. The new CBS simulcast that followed, The Mentalist, drew a strong 1,194,000 for its season premiere.
Global threw two reruns against the Big Bang debut and saw a new episode of The Office, now starring James Spader, draw a respectable 619,000. An discounted slot filler from U.S. cable, Fran Drescher’s Happily Divorced, returned a get-what-you-pay-for 279,000.
The much ballyhooed Maria Bello drama Prime Suspect opening at 897,000.
City found 961,000 viewers were interested at 9 in Person of Interest. Community (272,000) and Parks & Recreation (255,000) did what they could at 8 against the Big Bang explosion. Body of Proof was DOA at 10 (163,000).
CBC was pounded again with Part Two of the “Life is a Highway” Doc Zone getting run over (191,000) and a more titillating doc on the G-Spot being found by 336,000.
CBC blinked first in the annual show moving sweepstakes and wisely decided to rescue the season’s best new comedy, Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays, as well as The Debaters, by taking them both out the punishing 9 p.m. Wednesday slot opposite The X Factor and Modern Family. Michael, which sank below 200,000 viewers this week, now really is on Tuesdays following Mercer and 22 Minutes, a far more compatible lead in. Camelot will now have to battle X Factor on Wednesdays.


  1. Curious about the Body of Proof number – that’s from a Thursday broadcast? It premiered Tuesday. Wasn’t Private Practice supposed to air in the Thursday 10 slot on City?

  2. Double checked and Body of Proof is listed on the ratings grid. I’ll have to call City, their on-line schedule has already flipped past Thursday.

  3. I guess CBC would prefer to get lower overall ratings to prop up Michael. Camelot did 3x what Michael did, and it is unlikely that Michael will reach that on it’s new timeslot. Meanwhile, Camelot will sink like a stone on Wednesday. I was starting to enjoy Camelot but will no longer be able to watch; Burn Notice & Modern Family are more attractive to me.

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