Don’t let it be forgot/That once their was a spot/For one brief shining moment/That was known as Camelot!
That spot was Wednesday, where the Canada/Ireland co-production–despite the efforts of talented Mayfield S.S. grad Lara Jean Chorostecki (left)–sank to a new low on a new night of 458,000 viewers. Last week: 672,000. Yikes.
There’s simply not/a more congenial spot/on CBC’s schedule for the rest of Camelot.
You can’t blame the lead-in. Dragon’s Den drew 1,323,000 Wednesday night, although even that guaranteed draw has been blunted this fall in a crowded field of import contenders. At 8, Global’s perennial favourite Survivor (2,242,000) beat CTV’s The X Factor (2,088,000) for the second week in a row, with City far behind with The Middle (325,000) and the premiere of a new comedy I quite like, Suburgatory (366,000). CTV Two is treading water with rookie imports Up All Night (354,000) and the show I still have in the first-to-be-canceled pool, Free Agents (262,000).
At 9, besides the second half of The X Factor, Camelot had to fight off CTV Two powerhouse Criminal Minds (1,313,000), a surprisingly strong (in Canada) Harry’s Law (1,062,000) and City’s excellent Modern Family (861,000) plus the season premiere of Elisha Cuthbert’s Happy Endings (456,000).
At 10, CTV played one of the oldest wild cards in their deck and came up aces with CSI (2,223,000). Ted Danson has delivered. Kitchen Nightmares scared up 630,000 at Global. Law & Order SVU arrested 542,000. Revenge brought 523,000 to City at 10.

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