Jordan Clark is the fourth and final SYTYCDC champ

Why did So You Think You Should Dance Canada get cancelled? Numbers never lie. While still pulling in the high 800,000s, the Toronto-based reality show was slipping year-to-year, even week-to-week this summer.
Sunday’s fourth season finale drew an overnight, estimated 903,000 viewers. Murdoch Mysteries or Being Erica should do so bad, right? Yet that’s close to a 30% drop from the third season finale last Oct. which drew a total audience of 1,236,000 on CTV.
The week before the series had slipped to 817,000. SYTYCDC routinely pulled 1.2, 1.3 million two seasons ago. That’s a half million drop.
Worse, there was virtually no buzz about Sunday’s finale. That’s a red flag with these star search shows.
CTV saw the show was dancing downhill, calculated it would drop into the 700,000s next season and cut its losses. These shows don’t repeat, so they have to perform at a high level in first run or it is adios. Plus–and this is what kills every Canadian show–CTV can spend less importing an American show and cash in with higher simulcast ratings. Rogers is spending big and ramping the ratings race into a three or four way split most nights, and front runner CTV–which also recently ditched Hiccups and Dan for Mayor–seems determined to plug leaks, Canadian content regulations be damned.
How did the rest of the prime time ratings race play out in Canada last week? See all the numbers here at The Brioux Report over at

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