On this week’s podcast with CHML’s Scott Thompson, we get into the dreaded DC–Digital Conversion. If you woke up this morning, turned on your set and got snow, you either forget to pay your cable bill or you are officially now an analog castaway. Canada has made the switch. A moment of silence, folks, for the colourtinis as they fly into history.
Is it all a plot to force the few thousand consumers not linked to cable or satellite to get with the VIP program? There are options for those who never want to take down that antenna. Digital signals are still up their floating above your house, you just need a digital set top box hooked up to your aerial.
Scott also asks about that impressive Corus Quay building on Toronto’s lakefront. He worked there a couple of weeks ago moonlighting at Corus Radio sister station AM640. You’d almost think he wants to work there full time or something. You can listen in here.


  1. Oh c’mon Bill. You got to get your act together. I’ve lost count now of how many times your links to the CHML interviews has been messed up. It can’t be that hard is it?

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