On this week`s podcast with CHML`s Scott Thompson, we talk about the ridiculousness of the Geminis. Wednesday night`s closing gala was dis-spiriting in a whole new way. The host, Russell Peters, seemed to realize he`d made a big career mistake about 15 seconds into his opening monologue. His jokes about the Canadian TV industry quickly pissed off everybody in the room and Peters–clearly there just to promote his hockey movie–made no effort to win them back.
The show seemed to be covered by robot cameras locked into long and medium shots. Winners were rarely shown in close up for fear Canadians might start to recognize the stars of their own TV shows. People accepting awards got played off seven seconds into their thank yous. What was the rush with only seven awards presented over the hour
It played like a sloppy version of that SCTV awards show parody where those nodding birds were presented as trophies. Where was any kind of salute to Roger Abbott? Can you imagine if Walter Cronkite had retired a week before the Emmys he wouldn`t have taken a bow? Lloyd`s big moment went unacknowledged at the televised gala. DO THE PEOPLE BEHIND THIS SHOW HAVE ANY CONNECTION TO THE CANADIAN TV INDUSTRY? 
Anyway, Scott and I yammer on about a bunch of other things TV related, including the Quixotic character J.R. Diggs. We yak so long it had to be broken up into separate sound files you`ll find here and here.

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  1. Check out all of the Me-TV promos and tell me those aren’t the very best ever! What a revelation going from Canadian main network analog to a struggling small U.S. market subchannel.

    p.s. Were there really no nominations given for the filmed in Canada Smallville vs. all those heavily marketed “Canadian” shows made over in Europe?

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