The Donut Shop returns? You got that right

It was good to see the old “Canadian Moment” donut shop set again at today’s book launch for Air Farce: 40 Years of Flying by the Seat of Our Pants. A steady crowd lined up at the atrium of the CBC building in Toronto to get their copy of the book autographed by author Don Ferguson as well as fellow cast members Luba Goy, Dave Broadfoot, Alan Park (now among CBC’s The Debaters) and Penelope Corrin. Jessica Holmes made an early appearance at the signing, as did original Farce TV producer Brian Robertson. Former CBC and CTV network boss Ivan Fecan, who gave the comedy troupe the green light at the former and tried to woo them over to the latter–also made the scene, as did George Anthony (working on a book on Gordon Pinsent), who was Head of CBC Variety just as Air Farce took off on CBC television.
Long time Farce studio director Pat McDonald was there and, as is his dead-pan way, pronounced the event “hilarious.” Producers Lucy Stewart and Kevin Wallis noted that if the late, great, Roger Abbott had been present, he’d have counted each and every book sold today and known what demo all the sellers fell into.
The old set donut shop set was dusted off and brought up from the vault for the occasion. A nice touch was the real Tim Horton’s doughnuts served to Farce fans who attended the book signing. Ferguson is embarking on a tour to promote the book, which will bring him to Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and beyond. The Farce will return to CBC New Year’s Day (not Night) with another of their annual year-end comedy salutes.

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