Scott Thompson at CHML got a big kick out of me “hobnobbing” with the Prime Minister during that Murdoch Mysteries location shoot in Ottawa Wednesday. I report that Stephen Harper was very friendly, accommodating and gracious–he could play a winning social game on Survivor, I’m thinkin’.
Scott wanted to know the details of the security check to get into the PM’s Parliament Hill office. I was happy to report that there was no cavity search.
Photos were taken and as soon as I get my shot with the PM (something about “as soon as you pay your taxes”) I’ll post it here.
Scott got a kick out of Harper taking a sly shot or two at CBC, the eventual home of Murdoch Mysteries after the upcoming fifth season airs on current home, City-TV. The PM either has a very dry sense of humour or the CBC is in for some major belt-tightening. You can listen in here.

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