Good news, bad news in year end numbers

A couple of weeks ago, CTV released a year-end ratings tally that showed the private network once again stands as the dominant player on the Canadian TV landscape. The release declared that, from the September launch of the new season through mid-December, CTV had 12 of the Top-20 shows in Canada in total viewers and… Read on

Arnold Pinnock is one with the Farce

Pinnock (second from right) helps his new Farce family drop the F-Bomb Joining a comedy troupe that has been in business for 40 years has to be daunting. Arnold Pinnock proves he is up to the task in the annual Air Farce New Years special, airing Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBC.The look back at… Read on

Mary Tyler Moore at 75

Hard to believe, but today is the 75th birthday of Mary Tyler Moore. As the leggy assistant on Richard Diamond, Private Detective, a Happy Hotpoint elf and especially as Capri slacks-stunner Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, the Brooklyn-born actress turned the world on with her smile long before The Mary Tyler Moore… Read on

2011: bye bye Oprah, Reege and Lloyd

This time of year, everybody who does what I do for a living types up their end of the year highlights. The best & worst of 2011, all tied up with a bow. Mine popped up in several newspapers and web sites after hitting the wire last week for The Canadian Press.I topped my take… Read on

Joe Bodolai: 1948-2011

Christmas can be a stressful, difficult time of year, but this is unbearably sad. The Associated Press is reporting that Canadian writer/producer Joe Bodolai has died suddenly in Los Angeles. Bodolai was a supervising producer on The Kids in the Hall, the showrunner on Comics! and a writer on Saturday Night Live. He made things like… Read on

And so this is Christmas

The Beatles celebrate Merry Gimble, circa 1965. Photo from the vast Beatles archives of Bill Harris, who points out that the crappy tree in the background was probably slapped together in two minutes by roadie Mal Evans “with some stuff he found in a closet at Abbey Road”

Happy day before boxing day

It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas. People in Toronto aren’t out shopping for T-shirts–they’re wearing them. It’s such a green Christmas, I don’t know whether to trim the tree or cut the grass.Thank goodness It’s a Wonderful Life is on tonight at 8 p.m. (NBC and CTV). I used to borrow a 16mm print of this… Read on

This week’s podcast: America’s Got Stern

Scott Thompson at CHML wanted to know what I was up to in Vancouver earlier this week. I spilled the beans that I was there with a few other reporters to interview the cast of Alcatraz, a new drama coming to Fox and City Jan. 16. Got to spend hours on the prison set at… Read on