The award for the most phallic network TV promotional item of all time goes to the publicity team over at Global. They win for the giant metal dildo they sent critics this week to promote Bomb Girls (premiering Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. ET).
Bomb Girls is not about Global senior VP Barb Williams’ picks for new shows this fall. (That would be Bombs Girl. Hey, c’mon, the joke was right there. Besides, Williams actually looks wise now for not over-bidding on so many rookie imports that have fizzled.)
The six-part drama stars Meg Tilly and Jodi Balfour and tells the story about the women who worked in the munition factories during World War II. These were the Rosie the Riveters of Canada, and there were 250,000 of them in Canadian factories building bombs and ammunition.
Not sure where these big shiny dildo thermoses Global sent were made or who made them but they did not come with batteries. Bombs away!

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