J-Lo, Univision have some ‘splainin’ to do

Univision SVP Ronald Day, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony PASADENA, CA–Hola, dammit! Grumpy TV critics, some over-served from the night before, stumbled down to breakfast Saturday, lured by the enchilada that Jennifer Lopez and her ex-hubby, Marc Anthony, would be in the house. Were we being punked? Univision was crashing press tour, opening a rogue session… Read on

Hoffman and Nolte share their Luck with critics

PASADENA, CA–HBO really turned on the star power Friday at press tour. Not only was Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in the house, but the premium cable network also had panels featuring Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson and Ed Harris (from the upcoming HBO Sarah Palin movie Game Change), Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen (from Hemingway… Read on

Ricky Gervais gets Short with TV critics

Short people Merchant, Davis and Gervais. Ray Burmiston/HBO PASADENA, CA–Two days before his big Golden Globes gig, press tour headliner Ricky Gervais appeared before a room full of reporters and did not rip one single celebrity.He did share one insight on celebrities in general. “There’s no difference now,” he said, “between fame and infamy.”Gervais, along… Read on

This week’s podcast: in the dark with Charlie

PASADENA, CA–Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML heard I was yakking with Charlie Sheen down here at press tour the other night and wanted the scoop. Sheen held a moon-lit stealth session out on the back lawn of Castle Green the other day. His new FX series Anger Management goes into production in March. Was he… Read on

Oh yeah! Russell Crowe rocks Republic of Doyle

PASADENA, CA–When I tell TV critics down here on the press tour that Russell Crowe is guest starring on a show back in Canada they’re like–Whaaa?? But it’s true: Crowe makes his debut tonight at 9 p.m. on the third season premiere of Republic of Doyle (CBC). The Academy Award-winning actor charmed the cast and… Read on

2 Broke Girls a press tour session gone Wong

King (not laughing), and Broke Girls Dennings and Behr PASADENA, CA–If it ain’t 2 Broke Girls, don’t fix it.That seemed to be Michael Patrick King’s take away from Wednesday’s surprisingly combative CBS press tour session. The Sex and the City creator’s hit show was hammered over what some critics see as the depiction of ethnic… Read on

It’s a happy new year so far at soaring CBC

PASADENA, CA–It’s early, but CBC’s January starts are soaring. Can Arctic Air keep the momentum going?The Vancouver-based drama, which stars Adam Beach, premiered Tuesday night. For more on the series, read this article I wrote for the Toronto Star.Meanwhile, the Monday numbers are in and Gerry Dee’s new classroom comedy Mr. D launched at 8 p.m. to… Read on

Tonight: critic tries to get over his L.A. Complex

Martin Gero, unidentified extra and Kate Todd on the set of The L.A. Complex PASADENA, CA–On Monday’s long and winding bus ride from Warners (Suburgatory) to Fox (New Girl), critics passed by the seedy inspiration for a new Canadian series.The Highland Gardens Hotel certainly isn’t much to look at. There are half a dozen other… Read on