B-52s’ Pierson, Schneider and Wilson can still rock the Love Shack
PASADENA, CA–Talk/singer Fred Schneider looks like Tintin at 60 and go-go babes Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson look like Snooki’s eccentric aunts but the B-52s got this TCA Winter press tour off to one hell of a start Wednesday. 
The ultimate party band that had everybody going “DOWN!…DOWN!…” way back in my college prime are still rocking Rock Lobster and all their punky, alternative hits. So it is a bit weird to know they’ll be headlining a PBS concert next March during pledge break season. “For a pledge of five hundred dollars, we’ll include these hallucinogens along with your CD and DVD of the band…”
The original members of the Athens, Georgia-based group, which includes the three main singers plus guitarist Keith Strickland, were well backed by The Wild Crowd on a spirited nine song set. Behind them all on giant screens flashed psychedelic images straight out of the Wolfman sequences on Hilarious House of Frightenstein.
Some critics made like Igor and got up and danced. It’s been a while since most of us visited the Love Shack, but, as Schneider observed, he can still howl it better than any cover or karaoke crooner.
There goes a narwhal! We now return you to regular PBS programming.
TV critics dancing. They come from Planet Claire Bickley


  1. What, Snooki’s Aunts? I suppose you’re trying to use an example that everyone (unfortunately) knows but that’s a real stretch. Kate and Cindy have way too much class, beauty, depth and talent to be compared to someone that’s mainly known for being trashy.

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