Who has Canada’s worst customer service? Marketplace answers the question tonight when the CBC consumer watchdog series returns tonight at 8 ET/PT.
We’ve all had to wait on-line or on the phone for lousy customer service, or been treated like a hitch hiker with pets in person at a returns desk. Host Erica Johnson and her crack research team asked over a thousand Canadians to single out the worst of the worst, and tonight the series will pull down their pants and kick their ass.
The 39-year-old series really took a leap in the ratings last season, topping a million viewers at least twice–and on a Friday night. Co-host Tom Harrington, who joined the show last year, says folks just seem to appreciate a show which dares to take on cell phone companies, insurance firms, home contractors and other weasels. In terms of bang for the buck, Marketplace is probably the best buy on the CBC schedule. Read more in this feature I wrote for Friday’s Toronto Star.

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