Monkee business

The late, great Hollywood photographer Gene Trindl shot a lot of TV Guide covers–over 200 in total. The shoot that kept on giving, he once told me, was the day he spent with The Monkees.Trindl got a call in 1966 to photograph the four young stars of the NBC comedy. Think Beatles, he was told.… Read on

Davy Jones 1945-2012

Jones at the summer 2011 Television Critics Association press tour Like a lot of Boomers, I’m saddened to hear of the passing of Davy Jones Wednesday in Florida. The former Monkee apparently died of a heart attack at 66. He belted out “Daydream Believer” one last time at a concert in New York City less… Read on

Smash and The Geminis: two critics weigh in

A couple of smart guys are all over two things I’d been thinking about lately but am too busy/lazy to get to myself. So follow these links to enlightenment: The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle is bang on as usual with this take on recent changes over at the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.… Read on

Oscar post mortem: paging Jimmy Kimmel

Now that another four hours of my life has been taken from me, it’s time to ask: why doesn’t ABC lobby to have Jimmy Kimmel host the Academy Awards? The late night talk show host is far funnier on his post-Oscar showcase than whoever hosts the main event these last few years as he proved… Read on

VIDEO: shooting on the set of the cop drama King

King returns for a second season Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 9 p.m. on Showcase. Amy Price-Francis returns as a ballsy police detective booted upstairs to head a Major Crimes division, where she butts heads–among other things–with Alan Van Sprang’s moody cop character.I was invited to the south Etobicoke set a few weeks ago, along with… Read on

TONIGHT: Suzuki revisits Japan’s Disaster Zone

Hard to believe it has been almost a year since the devastating tsunami overwhelmed the north shores of Japan. Dr. David Suzuki visited the region in December and his report back airs tonight on The Nature of Things’ “Journey to the Disaster Zone: Japan 3/11” (CBC, 8 p.m.).I screened an unmixed early cut of the special… Read on

This week’s podcast: Oscar buzz builds

Okay, for those of you who check in every day, sorry for the lack of posts. A deluge of print deadlines as well as fumes from a freshly painted kitchen have set me back farther than a Toronto Maple Leafs playoff ticket printer. Oscar host Billy Crystal, before and after the hair plugs I did… Read on