ABC’s Valentine to viewers: Cougar Town –

Bit late posting this but a heads up for west coast viewers at least. Cougar Town returns at 8:30 p.m. PT after a nine month hiatus. ABC cut back the order (from 22 to 15) and left this series on the shelf until something else failed, not the best sign for a series entering its third season. Executive producer Bill Lawrence, who spoke with critics last month at an off-schedule press tour party, isn’t worried. He’s mobilized his cast and launched his own mid-season press assault, hosting star parties in various cities, getting the word out on Facebook and Twitter ans generally making some noise. Follow this link to a story I have in today’s Toronto Star on the chances of Cougar Town cast parties coming north of the border.
The kids at Cougar Town have gone to extreme lengths to remind fans that the series is still on the air, such as appearing in the backgrounds as extras on other shows. Check out the clip, above.

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