This week’s podcast: Grammy post mortem –

CHML’s Scott Thompson had a bunch of questions about last Sunday’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Did the show get a big ratings boost from the sudden death of Whitney Houston. Ya think?
We talk about Paul McCartney getting grief for his over sized white tux as well as that horrible new Valentine song. Then there was that Beach Boys reunion–it played like a scene from Cocoon.
One dude who did impress was the host, LL Cool J. He really remained cool under pressure, considering how much the line up for show must have been ripped apart in the 24-hours leading up to air time. LL Cool J leading off with a prayer–the usual comedian host would have had a hard time pulling that off.
Scott also asks what to watch for this week and I forget to mention the return of Survivor as well as Celebrity Apprentice. You can listen in here.

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