Okay, for those of you who check in every day, sorry for the lack of posts. A deluge of print deadlines as well as fumes from a freshly painted kitchen have set me back farther than a Toronto Maple Leafs playoff ticket printer.

Oscar host Billy Crystal, before and after the hair plugs

I did speak with CHML’s Scott Thompson Wednesday and a lot of the discussion, as you might expect, was about Sunday’s 84th Annual Academy Awards (beginning at 7/8c on ABC/CTV). Scott asked for some ideas on how  to speed the damn thing up and I stole some ideas from an article I read in The Daily Beast that a friend sent me. That author basically suggested moving the show to Saturday, getting folks as liquored up as they get at the Golden Globes and cutting all clips save the In Memoriam segment, which, hey, I’ll drink to that.
The Beast also advocated for Neil Patrick Harris to host but I’ll take Crystal for now. He’s Mister Showbiz, rises to these occasions and you know he will do some sort of silent movie montage a la The Artist. Look also for some joke about The Descendants related to testicles.
This is Crystal’s ninth turn hosting the Oscars, second only to Bob Hope who put on the tux 19 times. Eddy Murphy was supposed to do it before everyone realized what an insane idea that was.
Scott lets me yammer on about other stuff. You can listen in here.

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