The guys I play hockey with every Tuesday say they’re already hooked on CBC’s new Monday night comedy Mr. D. The sixth episode of the series airs tonight at 8 p.m.
The comedy stars Gerry Dee as a private school teacher with less than stellar skills. Dee came by them honestly, working ten years as a Toronto school teacher before switching to stand-up comedy full time. The Scarborough native is also a De La Salle grad and at one time played hockey with one or two of the Louie League guys I skate with every Tuesday. Almost all of them are Dufferin-Peel Separate School teachers and they confess that much of Dee’s observations about how school’s operate are pretty much right on the money.
I spoke with Dee (formerly Donoghue) last December at two separate CBC winter press launches. The 43-year-old was 30 before he made the segue to stand-up so his well-chosen comedy heroes, as he reveals in the short clip above, are not the usual club picks.

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