Sun News scores knockout with Trudeau-Brazeau

Trudeau: Age, 40, H, 6-foot-2, W, 180 LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUMMMBLE!! Tonight, Sun News has the show everybody wants to see–Justin Trudeau getting his beak bent by Patrick Brazeau.I once asked Justin’s younger brother Sasha Trudeau if he’d ever get into politics. He said his dad advised against it, telling him, “it’s a dirty… Read on

Bashing CBC: its part of our culture

I used to goof on CBC all the time when I was the TV columnist at the Toronto Sun. Back then it wasn’t even mandatory.Once I wrote an obit that began, “BROADCASTING CORPORATION, CANADIAN; died in its sleep last night…”Good times.The fellow in charge of CBC programming back then, Slawko Klymkiw, was a very patient… Read on

Mythbusters duo rock Toronto stage show

Thanks to an invite from the folks at Discovery Canada, I caught the Mythbusters “Behind the Myths Tour” as it stopped in Toronto Thursday night. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were like rock stars at the Sony Centre, playing two shows with the evening performance packed to the rafters.A full house of adoring fans–many in… Read on

This week’s podcast: back from the future

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know what I was up to this week in Vancouver. Told him I was invited by Showcase to the set of their new sci-fi cop drama Continuum, which premieres May 27.Continuum stars spunky Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe) as a kick-ass cop from the year 2077 who gets zapped… Read on

The L.A. Complex gets new lease at CTV

News that The L.A. Complex has been picked up for an additional 13 episodes did not come as a total surprise today–even though the series was not exactly a ratings smash.The drama, about young Canadian wannabes struggling to make it in Hollywood, premiered  Jan. 10. It drew 351,000 viewers on CTV in overnight estimates. An… Read on

Lloyd lost as Vancouver gives up her ghost

VANCOUVER–Came here to see a ghost but it’s gone.I’m actually in Vancouver to visit the set of Continuum, a new sci-fi police drama coming May 27 to Showcase. The series is about a policewoman from the year 2077 who travels back to 2012 and teams with present day cops in pursuit of escaped convicts from… Read on

Recap: Navratilova gets no love on DWTS

Even working with a net, Navratilova caught no love on DWTS Bruno did a lot of hollering again Monday night on Dancing with the Stars. Too bad he didn’t speak up when somebody was designing Martina Navratilova’s wacky dance costume. The former tennis ace looked like she had rushed the net and got all caught… Read on