Even working with a net, Navratilova caught no love on DWTS

Bruno did a lot of hollering again Monday night on Dancing with the Stars. Too bad he didn’t speak up when somebody was designing Martina Navratilova’s wacky dance costume. The former tennis ace looked like she had rushed the net and got all caught up in it. Then she went and stubbed her toe during rehearsal and danced like she had tennis rackets on both feet. Double fault.
Other than that, the episode was memorable for judge Len Goodman’s remarkable apology and for front runner Kathryn Jenkin shaking her “naughty bits.”
More objectionable is ABC’s decision to post tweets right on screen during their broadcasts of the show. “breastfeeding & watching @DWTS” went one tweet. And it was from a man! That child is going to grow up scared of television.
The full recap of Monday night’s episode can be found here. Look for Navratilova to be sent to the showers.

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