Trudeau: Age, 40, H, 6-foot-2, W, 180

LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUMMMBLE!! Tonight, Sun News has the show everybody wants to see–Justin Trudeau getting his beak bent by Patrick Brazeau.
I once asked Justin’s younger brother Sasha Trudeau if he’d ever get into politics. He said his dad advised against it, telling him, “it’s a dirty business filled with dirty people.” The former prime minister might have found this a more civilized way to settle a score than the brass knuckles politics practiced in Canada today.
Imagine if this political fight was happening in the States. A senator in a boxing ring against a member of the House? How fast would this be on Fox? Bill O’Reilly’s head would explode.
Instead, lowly Sun News will hit record numbers tonight. The bar isn’t set that high, but Sun News could see a ratings spike of a 1000%.
This is a media marriage made in heaven. Ezra Levant already looks like a sweaty corner man, Brian Lilley a sleazy boxing promoter.
With all the talk about CBC and budget cuts, the public broadcaster should be all over this sucker. And why not? They will be televising other fights tonight on Hockey Night in Canada. Trudeau/Brazeau is as least as legitimate a sporting event as Leafs/Sabres. Don Cherry would have a field day with this on Coach’s Corner.

Brazeau: Age, 37, H, 5-foot-10, W, 183

Sure–despite the money raised for cancer research–there is a queasy feeling to all of this. Remember Celebrity Boxing? Seeing Danny Bonaduce whup Greg Brady was good fun, but by the time that thing devolved into Tonya Harding hammering that chick who had sexual relations with Clinton, we all had to shower twice.
The Showdown in O-Town should be more legit. Trudeau, a Liberal member of parliament, and Brazeau, a Conservative senator, have both trained and appear to be in fighting shape.
22 Minutes will likely be all over the Thrilla on the Hill-a, a gift heading into next week’s CBC series’ finales.
It is scheduled for three rounds, but Brazeau looks like he has the guns to end this early. Let the winner fight Ben Mulroney and they’d fill the SkyDome.
The pre-fight show begins at 5 p.m. ET on Sun News. Remember, no wagering!

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  1. I’ve been wandering the streets muttering to myself. There was a fight between Trudeau and Brazeau and Trudeau won. Is this the Matrix? When do I wake up from this dream? The laws of physics no longer apply. Tomorrow I’ll be driving behind a 747 on the 401 and I’ll look up to see elephants float through the sky.

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