This week’s podcast: the Tori Stafford trial –

This week, Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML AM900 gets serious, asking about media coverage of the Tori Stafford murder trial. He wonders what discussions go on in TV and newspaper editorial meetings about how far to go in covering news that can be seen as too private and too horrific. I suggest that common sense does generally prevail when it comes to asking how far to go in media circles. Nobody with or without a child wants the Stafford family to suffer beyond the bitter closure this trail will hopefully bring.
Scott switches gears and asks about Canada’s Got Talent and wonders if we’re back in the Idol business. I remind Scott that Canadian Idol is just “resting.” I take a minute to declare my love for CGT judge Measha Brueggergosman, whose hair really is as amazing as her voice. You can listen in here.

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