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Receiving the Odor of Canada

Sometime last weekend, TV Feeds My Family passed a bit of an Internet milestone: over a million page views. That’s like twice the population of Brampton! I swear it’s not all my mom checking in, my parents don’t even own a computer.
Many thanks to everyone who stops by and takes the time to read what is posted here. This site was created late in 2007 mainly as a way to promote books, personal appearances and other paid assignments. That was 1,874 posts ago. I’ve found blogging has its own rewards, and appreciate all the feedback here and via Twitter. I’m always humbled when I encounter regular readers, especially many in the Canadian and American TV industry. It really is fun following and reporting on what you do, and if the numbers occasionally sting, hey, I’m just the messenger.
This space has allowed me to weigh in on a more personal level than is usually possible writing for The Canadian Press, The Toronto Star or other media outlets (especially during set visits and out-of-town assignments), and I’m grateful for that. The freedom to advance stories through audio podcasts, video and personal photography is also a plus.
Hoping to launch more innovation along with the usual blather in the future. Stay tuned, as they say in TV land.

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  1. Disagree or (much more often) agree, always a bright, lively, fun read. And informative. Congrats on the million — from an obsessive tweeter with an overwhelming 120 followers.

  2. Congrats Bill. I enjoy your stuff regularly. Not sure why you wanted a photo with that asshole, but that’s your business, I guess.

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