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I figure what the CBC could use these days is a few more unpaid consultants. There are some tough decisions ahead as the public broadcaster deals a $115 million reduction in their parliamentary appropriation. Network officials have dropped several hints as to where they are going in advance of their May 10 2012-13 season launch in Toronto. Here’s my two-cents on how it should go down as outlined in the article I wrote this week for The Canadian Press.


  • “Cover Me Canada”: For a Sunday night showcase there was no buzz, not enough viewers. TV’s talent show glut is finally starting to turn viewers off. Get out now.
  • “InSecurity”: Got two seasons to figure itself out. Never did.
  • “Michael: Tuesday & Thursdays”: Canada’s “Arrested Development,” a clever series critics loved but viewers rejected. Congrats on a witty miniseries that will deserve all those Gemini wins and hope to see you soon on HBO Canada.

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